We need your help


Of course, we need substantial donations to help us raise the funds for our Refurbishment Plan. You can discover how to do this on our Donate page. But we also have a number of opportunities for you to help us by giving your time and skills.


Without volunteers, our village hall cannot operate.


Below is a current list of roles that we need people to undertake. Do you think you could do one of these? If so, please get in touch.


We particularly encourage youth volunteers. Helping our village hall is a great way to get involved in your community and, if you're looking for work, such charity volunteering looks great on your CV!


Would you like to manage this website for us? It’s written in ProSite, which has a simple drag-and-drop system, and easy for anyone with reasonable IT skills to master.

As Website Manager you would keep the website up-to-date, making it fresh, attractive and effective. Information to include would be passed to you by the trustees or Village Hall Team but there is considerable scope for initiative as well! You would also be responsible for liaising with our Facebook Manager. 

Why not have a go? Please get in touch.

Our grass and hedges need cutting to keep our hall looking good. We need a volunteer or volunteers to undertake this task. You will be responsible for:

  • Cutting the grass.
  • Trimming the hedges.

Although it's not necessary, we'd be delighted if someone was to create and maintain some flowerbeds in the hall grounds. If you're green-fingered, or would like some practice, please get in touch. We may be able to share the task between several people.

We need people to set up and run fundraising events on behalf of our Appeal. Could you do that? You can use our village hall if you need it. How about:

  • A coffee morning.
  • A jumble sale.
  • A sponsored event.

Use your imagination and have fun doing it! Any ideas? Please get in touch.

Website Manager
Grounds Person

There will be more volunteering opportunities in future. Please visit this page regularly to view updates to the list.


Bookings Manager

As our village hall starts to take on more clients, we urgently need someone with the time and organisational skills to become our Bookings Manager. Your responsibilities will be:

  • Maintain the hall bookings programme.
  • Deal with enquiries from those wishing to use our hall, by email and on our hall mobile.
  • Manage the corresponding paperwork.

We can make this role somewhat flexible to suit your availability and requirements. So if you want to know more, please get in touch to discuss it with us.

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